Post-entry quarantine Requirements



In accordance with provisions of Chapter IV of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 2003, the importer shall be required to establish the post-entry quarantine facilities such as an isolated field/nursery/glass house/screen house/ poly house etc., that are duly certified by the Inspection Authorities (IAs) notified in Schedule-XI Part-I and Part-II in accordance with guidelines prescribed by PPA for importing plants and plant materials that require post-entry quarantine. The importer shall establish these facilities sufficiently in advance so that the same may be ready for use at the time of arrival of consignment but not latter.

The importer shall apply in PQ Form-18 for certification of approval of post-entry quarantine facility to the Inspection Authority and the certificate approval of post-entry quarantine facility shall be issued in PQ Form-19 by the Inspection Authority.

A certificate issued by the IA (PQ Form-19) shall be submitted to the permit issuing authority at the time of applying for import permit and to the officer-in- charge of PQ station at the prescribed point of entry at the time of arrival of consignment along with an undertaking to grow the plants under post-entry quarantine facility in PQ Form-20. After the initial inspection of consignment, if satisfied, the PQ officer shall accord quarantine clearance with a condition to grow the imported consignment under post-entry quarantine and IA will be intimated accordingly in the form as reproduced in Appendix-7. The importer shall inform in advance the concerned IA about the time of planting of imported plant material in approved facility and permit complete access to the post-entry quarantine facility for the inspection of plants and also abide by his instructions concerning plants growing under post-entry quarantine. The importer shall provide necessary facilities to IA for undertaking inspection at the time of planting and at such intervals as may be considered necessary by him in accordance with guidelines issued by PPA for the detection of pests and diseases, if any and general observance of conditions governing the approval of post-entry quarantine. The IA may permit the release of plants grown under post-entry quarantine, if they are found free from pests for the period specified in the permit. Where the plants are found affected by quarantine pests, the IA shall order the destruction or return to the country of origin, of the affected consignment of plants of whole or part of.

If the pest is not of quarantine importance IA may advise necessary control measures and release the plant material if satisfied that the pest is controlled or issue order for destruction. The importer shall destroy the affected plant material when ordered in a prescribed manner under the supervision of IA. The IA may submit a copy of PEQ inspection report to the PPA under intimation to the officer-in-charge of PQ station through which consignment was imported.

Requirements of open field Quarantine facility

1. The farm/ nursery site shall be fenced all round up to a height of 1.25 m with a single entry point with a lockable gate. It shall be isolated from similar cropped area by at least 1 km and weed-free.
2. The nursery or cropped area shall be bordered with 3-4 rows of densely populated crops such as Dhaincha, Sesbania, Sun hemp, Subabul etc, to serve as insect barrier.
3. An isolation distance of 100 m shall be adopted to segregate different varieties of the same crop or different sources of the same crop species or alternatively each population is isolated by a polythene barrier up to a minimum height of 1.25 m.
4. A suitable signboard must be displayed at the gate indicating restricted area & entry to the area require the approval of the owner of PEQ facility.
5. The farm/nursery shall have the facilities for soil pasteurization or solarization or fumigation, incineration, spraying & watering facilities.
6. A buffer zone of not less than 3 m in width must be maintained in vegetation-free condition around the inside perimeter of the approved area by regular weeding.

Requirements of closed quarantine facility (glass/screen/poly house)

1. The glass/screen/poly house facility shall have double door entry with entrance porch with inner door fitted with automatic spring door closure and outer sliding door provided with external lock.
2. The vents/openings of glass/screen/poly house facility shall be screened with insect-proof mesh of stainless steel/phosphor bronze, 40 meshes to a linear inch and woven of 30 gauge wire. If nylon mesh is used it should be of good quality and evenly woven.
3. The drainage must be through a gully trap with a provision for insect-proofing in case of concrete flooring.
4. The facility shall have small isolated cubicle for growing indicator plants for virus detection and a head house for storage of pots, green house tools/equipments and storage bins for storing sterile soil or potting mixture, soil sterilization or solarization/ incineration, spraying equipment/ watering facilities etc.
5. The entrance shall be provided with disinfectant pad for sterilization of feet and basin for disinfecting hands.
6. The facility shall have a minimum floor space area of 10 sq.m. However, larger houses shall have insect-proof screened partitions for isolation of different kind of plant species/varieties.
7. Suitable yellow sticky traps shall be hanged at various intervals at crop canopy level to monitor insect population.

Requirements of tissue culture quarantine facility

1. The tissue culture facility shall have small growth chamber or separate incubation place for holding imported tissue culture during PEQ.
2. The facility shall have an isolated poly/screen house facility for tissue culture hardening. However where import of tissue cultures is made for in vitro propagation, such facility is not required.
3. The facility shall have Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) facility such as virus screening of stock material.