Procedures of PEQ inspection


After the initial inspection of consignment, if no pests of quarantine concern observed, the PQ officer shall accord quarantine clearance in PQ Form-16 with a condition to grow the imported consignment under post-entry quarantine. He shall intimate the Inspection Authority (IA) about the release in Appendix-7 (PQ12/5/3). A multidisciplinary team of the IA shall inspect the imported planting material at the time of planting in specified PEQ facility and thereafter post planting observations are made firstly within 20-25 days followed by second within 40-45 days of planting in the case of cuttings.

However in the case of budding the period of observation shall be reckoned from the date of establishment of bud union and sprouting. In the case of saplings the first observation shall depend upon the growth of the plant, which may be normally with in 2-3 weeks. In the case of Roses the PEQ period is extended up to 18 months and in the case of oil palm the PEQ period is 12 months. The IA shall submit the final report of PEQ inspection to PPA under intimation to the officer-in-charge of concerned PQ station with in 15 days after the final observation for information & record