(Clause 5 of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into
India) Order, 2003)

Sl.No Particulars of Import Volume/Wt. Fee
1 Plants/ planting materials including, cuttings, saplings, bud wood tissue cultures of plant origin etc., requiring Post-entry Quarantine (i) Up to 10 numbers. (ii) Above 10 numbers. Rs. 250/- Rs. 250/- plus
@ Rs. 1.60 per plant.
2. Plants/planting materials including bulbs, tubers, corms, rhizomes etc. not requiring Post-entry Quarantine. (ii) Up to 100 numbers. (ii) Above 100 numbers. Rs. 100/- Rs. 100/-plus @ Rs. 0.40 per plant.
3. Mushroom spawn culture/ corm lets of ornamental bulbs, size of 2.5 cm diameter requiring post entry quarantine and Seeds for sowing (i) Up to 1 kg. (ii) Above 1 kg up to 100 kg. (iii) Above 100 kg up to 500 kg. (iv) Above 500 kg. Rs. 100/- Rs.100/- plus Rs. 50/- per additional kg. Rs.5050/- plus Rs.15/- per additional kg. Rs. 11050/- plus Rs.5/- per additional kg.
4. Plant material, seeds and fruits for consumption Note: Fraction of Kg/ Tonne may be rounded off to the nearest unit (i) Up to 2 kgs. (ii) Above 2 kgs up to 100 kgs. (iii) Above 100 kgs up to 1000 Kgs.
(iv) Above 1000 Kgs.
Rs.50/- Rs.50/- plus
Rs.5/-per additional kg Rs.550/- plus Rs. 2/- per additional kg. Rs. 2500/- plus Rs. 75/- per additional tonne except in case of pulses; Rs. 2500/- plus Rs.50/- per additional tonne in case of pulses

Note: Fraction of kg/tonne may be rounded off to the nearest unit.



Sl.No Particulars of Import Volume/ Wt. Fees


Plants/Plant Products/ Planting materials/Dry fruits/ Fresh fruits/ Vegetables/ Seeds/Soil/earth/clay


(The importer shall arrange for fumigation, disinfestations of consignment at his cost, under the supervision of Plant Protection

Adviser or an officer authorized by him in this behalf)

A. On Volume Basis

(i) Up to 5 cu.m.

(ii) Above 5 cu.m. or part thereof

Rs. 600/-

Rs. 600/- plus

Rs. 300/- per additional 5 cu.m. or part thereof.


B. On Container Basis

(i) 20 ft container (33 cu.m.)

(ii) 40 ft container (66 cu.m.)




C. Supervision Charges

Rs.500/- per day per consignment.

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