Information to airlines/cruise shipping operators/ travel agents


The airlines/cruise shipping operators shall ensure that no passenger baggage carrying prohibited plant species is booked. They shall be familiar with existing PQ regulations issued under The Destructive Insects & Pests Act, 1914 and as well as passenger baggage rules issued under and provisions of Section 11 of Customs Act, 1962. It shall be responsibility of travel agents to adequately inform the public about the regulations pertaining to the Import of plants and plant materials and other notified goods of plant quarantine concerns, what can be imported as well as what cannot be imported into India through passenger baggage at the time of booking of tickets.

The plants or plant materials are allowed to enter through the notified points as specified in Schedule-I of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 2003. However, the plants or plant materials for propagation purpose can be allowed to be imported only through the Regional Plant Quarantine Stations at Amritsar, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.